Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ok, i know i said i had started blogging again and then disappeared for ages but that was because I found a house to rent, yay!!, and then had to organise my furniture getting moved 500 miles.. I also got the kids into a school and was working so I only got broadband on tonight! (about 10 minutes ago, the first place i've come to online is here to let everyone know whats been happening, how thoughtful am I?)

So, the kids are settled into school, which just happens to be the school I went to, how freaky is that? It's much bigger now than it was when i went there, (500 pupils in 1984, 1000 pupils in 2007) but is still relatively small and the kids are loving it!

The house I am renting is a bit of a nightmare but is livable and cheap and suits us, lovely neighbours and a very friendly street! On the day we moved in, we found a huge basket of fruit on our doorstep, bulging with fruit, with a lovely card saying "welcome"! Was a very very sweet gesture!

I havent unpacked all the boxes yet (have a bedroom full of them) but am getting there! Once i sort out a place to put all my craft stuff it will be the next things unpacked - I'm really going to miss my old kitchen, this kitchen isnt big enough for my pc and all my craft bits, so only one reception room here, which is going to be hard to live with! But I will figure something out!

So, there you go, I am officially a Glaswegian again! :)


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